Effaclar Duo [+] Anti-Blemish Cream Review

Effaclar Duo +
Bare with me on this one, I have a lot to say!

As a teen I was blessed with problem free skin (thanks Dad!) and I expected to carry that good luck with me all the way through my early twenties and beyond. You can already see where this is going, huh? My expectations obviously didn't materialise and for some reason, I've struggled with a mild form of cystic acne for the last two or three years. Besides medication I have tried everything and in the process I've probably really damaged my skin. I have changed my diet, changed my lifestyle and tried and tested products that caused some pretty painful reactions.

I'd heard about La Roche Posay products while catching up on my fave YT channels some time ago. I vaguely remember the Effaclar Duo (without the +) being mentioned on pretty much every other beauty blog and as soon as I'd heard that it had helped a fair few people with those pesky little under the skin bumps I decided that I needed to jump onto the bandwagon and give it a test drive for myself.

Am I glad I did! I had been using Effalcar K until I heard about the Duo +. It's basically just Duo but with the added benefit of clearing up the red marks left by problem skin. I think the + has replaced the Duo altogether now? Don't quote me on that but I can't seem to find the regular Duo stocked anywhere! Within the first couple of hours of applying, the unsightly bumps on my chin had reduced down massively. When I woke up in the morning, they had all but disappeared. I can not tell you just how shocked I was!

I've been using this for around a month now and it is still working well with my skincare routine, I do find that I have to use a rich moisturiser alongside it as my skin has a tendency to be very, very dry during the colder months but I haven't experienced any problems mixing it up with another product. The visible scarring has also reduced dramatically.

I'm usually the first to resist the urge of buying into the hyped up products of the beauty blogs. After years upon years worth of being a dedicated blog reader, I can safely put my hands up and admit that I've bought into enough expensive products that have left me disappointed (and poorer!) after expecting miracles and nothing coming of them. Take this review with a pinch of salt. While I'm one of those singing it's praises, I'm sure there will be a whole group of other girls out there Pritt Sticking it down into their burn books.

I wouldn't put my clearer skin down to just this product. I've worked hard at streamlining both my makeup and cleansing routines over the last two years. It's very easy to fall into the trap of overcompensating and layering on mounds of product when you've got problem skin that you want rid of quickly but I've sort of adopted the mantra of 'less is more' when it comes to skincare, now. I use a Simple face wash and an ultra-hydrating Garnier face cream alongside the Effaclar Duo. I've stopped exfoliating excessively and I now drink plenty of water. I wash my makeup brushes regularly and I stick to makeup products that have never broken me out. Really cutting down on the products that I use and being a little more reserved when it comes to choosing new makeup has made the world of difference! But I'm giving extra brownie points to my Effaclar Duo, as I feel it has played a huge role in clearing up my skin. My skin still isn't perfect but it's better than it was, so I will continue to buy this for as long as it seems to work with me!

This post was not sponsored, and the product was bought using my own money


  1. i very nearly bought this product the other day in boots. i'm exactly the same and had almost perfect skin as a teenager but since turning 20 i've had awful outbreaks and lots of scarring left over from spots. i've been using pepta-bright from indeed labs which has really helped with the scarring (honestly, of all the products i've tried which promise fading this is the only one i've been able to see visible results from) but i'm really looking for something to help the spots from appearing in the first place. i have been using the dermalogica overnight clearing gel (which is fantastic by the way, i couldn't recommend it more highly!) but it's just so expensive and i'm looking for a cheaper option - i definitely think i'll try this now :) thank you for the review xx

  2. My friend accidentally left a tube of Effaclar Duo at my house when she was visinting from the UK so you could say I got a free sample. It was practically new. I can't tell you how amazing it was! I absolutely loved it. My skin is very prone to spots but as you said I couldn't rely solely on this stuff. To be honest the best thing that has worked for me has been taking the pill, prescribed by my doctor for spots. It's been the best thing! Love from Spain http://www.theblondeb.com/

  3. Ah Lauren, I'm so glad to see someone else who has had such fantastic results! :)
    I've been using it for a good couple of months now - (and the original formula too) and I can't believe what a difference it's made!

  4. I was the same, I never suffered with spots until my late teens/early 20's and then the congested blemish prone skin came in full force! I'm the same with not really giving into the hype anymore. I bought some Liz Earle products after everyone went insane about them but they didn't really work for me, I just noticed my pores wasn't so exposed - I still got crazy spots, those horrid under the skin kind.

    I do however remember seeing this in Boots with the bold claim of a money back guarantee if it doesn't work. It was sold out though sadly but I forgot the name so I'm pleased you've mentioned it! The reviews look great too and they have an offer on their products so I may give it a go!

    Katie » Tattyboots